Join the Florida Tennis Tour  

Membership is FREE! You are automatically joined and ranked when you play your first event!

Members receive:

  • Ranking points every event

  • Qualify for year end ranking bonuses/prizes

  • Qualify for seeding in championship finale

  • Discount from sponsors

*No refunds. If any event is cancelled due to weather or situations beyond the FTT's control, player will receive credit towards their next FTT event. Once the tournament is started, there are no refunds or credits.


Consolation Singles & Doubles tournaments: All players eliminated before the money rounds eligible. Free entry fee. Each player will receive FTT ranking points with higher points going to the top finishers. There will be bonus prizes at the end of the season for top ranked FTT players. WInning the consolation tournament will be the same as 5th place in the FTT Points Finishes for the event. Consolation point system scroll to bottom below.


Event format:  * In the event of large player fields, smaller fields, weather conditions, or any situation deemed necessary by the tournament director, the format may be adjusted to shorter sets, no ads, etc.


  • 8 game pro set win by 2 games and single elimination. At 8-8, a 10-Point Super Tie break will take place.

  • Finals will be 6 game standard set with first player to win 2 sets. If sets split 1 apiece , deciding 10-Point Tie break for the tournament win.

  • In the event of player fields exceeding 20+ players, the event may extend to the following day with the final 4 players returning.

*If weather delayed, event will take place on following day Sunday*As this is a brand new tour concept, all rules, format, and membership system is subject to change and adaptation .*Tournament director may alter any part of format at anytime due to weather, player volume, or any reasonable circumstance. No refunds. 


Call 1-407-782-4978 or dragonorlandotennis@gmail.com to Join!

Or Pay $21 on Paypal to DPEvent@gmail.com



*Win 2 matches you are in the $$$.
Prize examples:


The field will cap at 64 players max.

(payout based on number of entries)


1st $300

2nd $160

3-4th $90

5-8th $40

9-16th $20

32 players (based on number of entries)
1st $200
2nd $100
3-4th $50
5-8th $20

If 16 players show up:
1st  $120
2nd    60
3-4th  30